Meet the Brewmaster

Nathan Crawford

Head Brewer


I used to hate beer, or at least I thought I did. Before my 22nd birthday, all I had ever consumed was mass-produced American lagers. It wasn’t until a friend took me to Flying Saucer Draught Emporium where I tried Avery’s White Rascal that I realized beer could be more than corn water! I was officially hooked. I started home brewing in 2014 falling more and more in love with craft beer and the culture around it. I read all the books I could get ahold of about brewing and was determined to make a career out of it. I found my opportunity at Wild Acre Brewing Co. working my way up from keg filler to research and development brewer to finally production brewer before joining Marc Castaldo,, coincidentally Flying Saucer’s 24-year tenured Beer Czar, at By the Horns Brewing Co. If I’m not at the brewery, chances are I’m holed up in a coffee shop reading, or at the park with my daughter.