Our Tacos

By The Horns Beer-Braised Brisket

dressed romaine, salsa & Monterey cheese - flour tortilla

Pepper-Crusted Ribeye

Mexican avocado chimichurri, cotija, cilantro - flour tortilla

Ground Beef

dressed romaine, salsa, Monterey cheese - flour tortilla

Crispy Rolled chicken taco

corn tortilla, Monterey cheese & choice of salsa or jalapeÑo ranch for dipping

Crispy Rolled pork taco

corn tortilla, Monterey cheese & choice of salsa or jalapeÑo ranch for dipping


warm rotisserie pineapple, purple cabbage slaw, cotija, cilantro - corn tortilla

t&a bowl

Chopped romaine, half of an avocado, sweet potato straws, purple cabbage slaw, brussels sprouts. Choice of vinaigrette or jalapeÑo ranch

Fried Chicken

Tossed in honey cholula with jalapeÑo ranch slaw - flour tortilla


fried avocado, purple cabbage slaw, sweet potato straws, cotija - corn tortilla

Chorizo & Carnitas

Mexican avocado chimichurri, chicharrones, cotija - flour tortilla

Breakfast taco

queso, scrambled eggs, sweet potato straws - corn tortilla (add chorizo +$1.50)

Rotisserie Pork & Pineapple

purple cabbage slaw, queso, cilantro - corn tortilla

Rotisserie Chicken

slaw, chicken-bacon, queso, cilantro - corn tortilla

Snacks & Sides

Chimichurri Brussels Sprouts

Purple cabbage slaw

Fresh made tortillas

3 Flour or Corn

Chips & Salsa

Oaxacan grasshopper Tostada

Tostada with traditional guac and dried grasshoppers on top (yes, real grasshoppers!)

Mexican Flag

Salsa, guac & queso blanco with chips

Half & Half

Half queso blanco / half traditional guac

Queso Blanco

Mix of american and monterrey cheeses with mexican peppers

Mexican “Mozzarella” Sticks

Your favorite cheese sticks with Mexican panela cheese and salsa for dipping

Avocado Fries

Panko crusted, chili-spiced avocado slices with jalapeÑo ranch for dipping

Traditional Guac

Smashed avocado, lemon, lime, salt with chips $3.50 (single) $6.50 (double)

Make it fabuloso: add warm rotisserie pineapple & spiced pepitas $1.50

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